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Tips to Budget During Inflation

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Developing a budget is an important step when working toward financial stability. When individuals track expenses and follow a plan, budgeting helps them stay on top of things like paying bills on time. It can also help create an emergency fund and offer simpler methods to set money aside for major expenses like a car, home, or college tuition.

With inflation, however, budgeting may seem like a daunting concept. In March, consumer prices rose by 8.5%, spiking inflation to levels only seen during the 1980s.

Follow the tips below from Integrity HR Management to learn how to budget through inflation.

Budgeting Tips for Basic Necessities

As prices continue to soar, consumers need to be more strategic about the ways they're spending their money. Learning budgeting techniques, especially during higher inflation periods, offer a way to improve spending habits and potentially leads to finding money to put away toward savings.

Plan a budget around everyday items impacted by inflation, including clothes, food, housing, and gas. Becoming organized with recurring costs can be the first step toward minimizing inflation's impact. Each month, allocate funds for basic necessities and stay on plan. As spending fluctuates, habits and amounts can be evaluated without abandoning a budget or plan entirely.

  • Adjust shopping habits to look for less costly alternatives to items regularly purchased.

  • Consider buying store brands or using coupons and shopping at bulk stores.

  • Cook at home rather than dining out.

  • Money-saving apps offer a great way to identify great deals and help shrink costs where needed.

Streamlining Expenses

Nearly every expense is able to be streamlined, from eliminating unnecessary subscriptions and associated fees to improving your home's energy consumption. There's money to be saved by taking the time to audit.

Inflation is also directly reflected in energy prices. As summer approaches, conducting an energy audit at home is a quick way to find simple at-home solutions to start reducing an energy bill.

According to, remedies include:

  • Installing energy-efficient lighting and windows where applicable throughout the home.

  • Inspecting and maintaining cooling and heating systems and upgrading equipment if needed.

  • Ensuring proper sealing around windows and doors to improve insulation.

  • Opting for more efficient modes of transportation such as carpooling, biking to work/school, and public transportation.


During times of inflation and to curb spending in general, making changes and evaluating expenses in the short term can signal significant benefits down the line. These days, it's important to find creative ways to spend less on essentials and free up more money to set aside in savings or towards unforeseen expenses for a needed respite during times of inflation.

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