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FinFit: A Full Suite of Financial Wellness Resources to Help You Thrive

Updated: May 18, 2022

The future's looking bright! Through the benefits offered at Integrity HR Management, employees are invited to enhance their financial wellness through the FinFit program.

FinFit and its financial wellness program offerings are available for all IHRM employees. Take advantage of FinFit's wide range of educational resources, tools, and services, helping empower employees through their financial journey with:

  • A personal financial wellness assessment with a recommended learning path

  • A complete financial education platform

  • Budgeting tools and financial planning dashboard

  • One-on-one financial coaching

  • Financial calculators

  • Access to loans via Celtic Bank, Member FDIC

  • Short-term emergency loans

  • Student loan assistance

  • Tools to build a solid and more secure financial future!

Access Your Benefits and Earn Rewards

FinFit's goals work in concert with your own. Use its resources and available tools to create a solid financial outlook. Employees can access FinFit financial wellness services through their employee benefits package by simply activating their account and earning rewards in the process!

Log in through your employee portal, activate your account, and take the first step toward cash and prizes. With FinFit IQ, employees can enter weekly for a chance to win up to 5,000 reward points.

2. Click the IHRM Logo

3. Log in through the employee portal (if you have trouble, view the video shown in the second image)

4. Access the “FinFit” tab in the bottom left corner

5. Fill in the required info and you are ready to go!

A Pathway to Financial Freedom

This free financial wellness benefit offers you the most comprehensive tools to get you on the right path and fulfill all your financial goals. FinFit will help support you throughout your journey of financial courses, tools, and resources for a more financially secure future.

What's more, employees can share courses with their families, including those in grades 4-12 to start learning about financial literacy.

Gain access to Ready University with course topics ranging from:

  • Managing credit and debt

  • Credit scores

  • Home purchasing

  • Budgeting and saving

  • Investing

  • College and student loans

  • Planning for life events

  • Retirement planning


According to a 2017 Financial Survey from FinFit:

  • 81% of employees now pay their bills on time with the help of FinFit.

  • 80% of employees have less financial stress since utilizing FinFit.

  • 70% of employees increased their monthly savings with the help of FinFit.

Utilize all benefits offered through IHRM to maximize your financial future. Log in today to start your FinFit membership and take the first step in planning for a better tomorrow.

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