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Accident Awareness and Prevention on Job Sites

Job sites are often action-packed with moving parts, supplies, loud noises, and distractions. While accidents do happen, accident prevention and worksite safety are not subject to overlook. Injuries caused on worksites can be costly and dangerous causing companies large sums annually. Accidents happen too frequently when workers feel they have graduated past the PPE(Personal Protective Equipment), feeling as if they have been successful at the job for years or decades, so they no longer need the equipment to keep themselves safe.No worker can elevate above PPE and they must follow protocol as outlined in your safety training to ensure the safest job sites possible. Below we have listed the three most common worksite accidents and how to avoid them.

Common Job Site Errors and How to Avoid Them

Accidents on Job Sites: Falls

The most common job site accidents include falls, electrical injuries, and objects striking workers. Knowing that these are the most frequent injuries allows us to try and get a step ahead and analyze the cause of these incidents so we can ensure we are doing what we can to prevent them.

Falls account for more than 33% of workplace accidents according to the CDC. While we cannot prevent every accident, we can minimize the risk by checking to make sure areas are kept neat and hazardous materials are put away prior to the end of shifts. Also, ensure your supervisors are properly placing signage indicating potential hazards when necessary. Communication should also be noted, and groups should be encouraged to do self-audits. If anyone is aware of an unsafe environment, address it or let the supervisor know so they can fix the potential pitfall.

Accidents on Job Sites: Electrical Injuries

Electrical injuries can be caused by a variety of factors and are most frequently caused by a lack of awareness of where the danger is. “Know Before You Dig” is a mantra for a reason. Daily items like extension cords and power supply cables can become faulty over time and should be audited for proper maintenance and upkeep.

Accidents on Job Sites: Objects Striking Working Crew

Objects striking workers is another common accident and wearing proper cannot be stressed enough for the crew on job sites. As mentioned before, job sites are packed with moving machinery, supplies being transported, and loud noises. Objects falling can be avoided by providing extra caution and signage should be considered when workers are handling multi-level jobs.

Keep in mind the weather at the job site can greatly impact job performance. Heat causes dehydration, wind can affect overhead loads, and rain increases the chances of anything becoming slippery. Taking breaks is a safe and productive way to encourage workers to rest, hydrate, and communicate.

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