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Reducing Risk: How to Keep a Clean Job Site

A job site can often be loud, chaotic, and dangerous. Many moving parts can lead to unsafe work environments if the job site is not properly maintained. Every person on the floor is responsible for keeping their area clean. However, there are specific things that can be done to improve the environment throughout the day.

Creating a Checklist for Employees.

First and foremost, creating a checklist ahead of every job will not only keep the standard for maintaining a clean space, but it will also serve as a reminder to employees when posted appropriately. It’s also recommended to incorporate checking this list before/after breaks, starting the day, and ending the day to regulate a cleaning pattern.

Keeping Employees Safe from Trips, Slips, and Falls.

Maintaining a clean job site is an effective way to reduce the chances of someone falling on the job site. After a project, debris can be left with exposed nails, dust, and other hazardous materials that can impact the efficiency and safety of your work environment. All hazardous materials should be removed promptly. This also includes spills which could lead to dangerous situations for anyone passing through your area.

Reducing Risk of Fire.

A clean and well-maintained job site also reduced the risk of a potential fire. Many hazardous materials used on a job site are highly flammable. Some of these items include but aren’t limited to debris, scraps, wooden materials, flammable liquids, etc. To reduce the risk of a fire, it’s essential to make sure all flammable liquids are cleaned up and stored properly, maintain your equipment, and clean up exposed materials.

Keep a Stockpile of Cleaning Supplies.

According, to help everyone perform maintenance more efficiently, it’s helpful to ensure the tools needed to do so are in stock, in good condition, and in a place where employees can access them easily. Items helpful for maintaining a clean site are:

-Mops and brooms

-Cleaning solutions

-Trash bags-Dusters

-Shoe covers

-Cleaning cloths

-Coverings to protect carpets, furniture, and equipment from dust, dirt, and other debris.

No job site is completely exempt from accidents. However, you can maintain a clean and safe work environment by incorporating these steps into your routine.

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